Anders Boisen
Anders Boisen
Anders Boisen was born in Denmark, but has
lived and worked at the Chateau de Fleurie
in France for the past 25 years. His art is timeless
with universal symbols, inspired by African
Art, Art Brut and Minimalism.
He was astonished to see that people in
the region just burned the old gigantic
wine barrels which bore the history and
culture of generations of winegrowers.
He started to collect the oak slats and
made sculptures out of them as bearers
of the life and the culture of the wine.
Now also vines, steel bands from the
wooden casks, stone, and ceramics from
Morocco get a new existence as sculptures
who make us thing about the impertinence
of life.
He wishes to give new life to these unique
shapes, and to redirect us to more simple,
but profound values in an ever changing
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